How To Make Your Solar Panels Last Longer


Solar panels are a great investment as they help to produce clean, and affordable renewable energy while keeping your space cool. Because of this, you want your panels to last longer and function optimally so you can meet the energy needs in your home, business or institution.

Below are some of the things you can do to optimize the performance of your solar system and ensure longevity for your solar panels:

1. Keep The Solar Panels Clean

When your solar panels Adelaide are working properly, you can easily forget that they are actually there. This is because the system does not have any moving parts except maybe the inverter and you do not even need to constantly interact with or touch the components of the system.

As a result, it is possible to forget about the panels which could in turn accumulate lots of dust, dirt and other forms of debris. For this reason, you need to regularly check and clean your panels and remove anything that could obstruct light so they can function optimally.

2. Avoid Using Abrasive Agents When Cleaning

When you are cleaning your panels, you should avoid using abrasive soaps or cleaning sponges. In any case, the aim is to keep the glass clean and clear without scratching it. You can use a pool slimmer that is attached with a soft piece of cloth at its end. This will enable you to reach high roofs.

Alternatively, you can also use a wash rag and soft biodegradable soap. The best part is that the more frequently you clean your panels, the lesser effort you will need to put into your subsequent cleanings.

3. Keep Them Away from the Shade

Any shade on your solar panels can exponentially reduce their performance and output. In fact, if just a small part of your panel is shaded, you are likely to lose more than half of the panels energy output.

You therefore need to ensure that there are absolutely no new shades to your solar panels. If there are branches that are overshadowing the area, you should consider trimming them back.

4. Monitor Your Solar Panels

To boost their performance and ensure optimum durability of your panels, you also need to keep an eye on them. You particularly need to keenly look at the inverter display. If the green light is on, that is a good sign. However, if it is flashing, then it may not be a very good sign. While it may not be technically practical to do this every day, noticing a problem early enough will save you the hassle and cost of having to incur costly and extensive system repairs.

Another important thing to do if you want to extend the longevity of your panels is to keep a clear record of their performance on a day-to-day basis. This will enable you to know whether your system is functioning optimally to produce the amount of power that meets your energy needs. If the output has gone down, you need to have it checked and fixed where necessary. The best thing is that there are experts with experience in providing topnotch solar panel installation, repair, upgrade, and maintenance services.